Nolan Plantation House

This southern plantation home was built in 1906 by James A. Nolan. The house takes on the common rectangular box form of country stores at the turn of the century, thought its not known if the false front is an original feature of the building or if it was added on later. The Nolan farm operated from 1856 to about 1970 and covered around 2000 acres. Behind this house, to the west was a complex of farm structures and tenant homes. The store across... Read More

Haunted House-pital*

*This location is undisclosed to help prevent further vandalism and damage to the property. Built in the 1930s, this hospital served the county and the surrounding areas as it was the only hospital around at the time. After a more modern hospital was constructed, it closed in the late-70s and became host to a number of haunted houses and paranormal investigations that the owner would put together. Today, the only people visiting it are kids looking... Read More

The Fairytale Schoolhouse*

*This location is undisclosed and information here may not be completely true to help prevent further vandalism and damage to the property. Named after General Pike, a hero of the war of 1812, the town of Pike was established in 1825 with just a handful of people. The first buildings were constructed of hewn logs, including the courthouse which was later replaced with one made of brick. By 1900, the town had grown to a population of over 600 residents,... Read More

Pratt-Pullman Yard

In 1904, Pratt Engineering, a parts manufacturers for sugar and fertilizer processing plants, open a new plant in what is now the neighborhood of Kirkwood in Atlanta, Georgia. In 1917, the plant was used in the production of munitions during World War I. The facility was purchased by the Pullman Company in 1922, and was converted to be used for everything from regular maintenance work to entire rebuilds and retrofitting of locomotives. In a Segregated... Read More