Clayborn Temple

In 1888, the congregation of Second Presbyterian Church, decided to purchase a lot on the corner of Pontotoc and Hernando for the construction of their new building. Ground was broken for the construction on February 2, 1891, and the cornerstone of the church was laid on May 14. Sunday, January 1, 1893, the church held its dedication service. All the Presbyterian pastors of the city joined the congregation for the service. This Romanesque Revival... Read More

100 North Main Building

Built in 1965, 100 North Main is the tallest building in Memphis, Tennessee, standing at 430 feet with 37 floors. Since its construction, it has remained a focal point of the Memphis riverfront skyline. The building was designed by Robert Lee Hall, who also designed Memphis’ largest office building (based on square footage), Clark Tower, as well as Patterson Hall at the University of Memphis. 100 North Main is an almost identical, taller version... Read More

The U.S. Marine Hospital

The marine hospital opened in 1884 and consisted of six buildings – the surgeon’s house, a stable, the executive building, two wards and the nurses’ building. The facility was originally used to treat Civil War soldiers and to conduct scientific research in hopes of finding a cure for yellow fever. During the 1930s, several new Works Progress Administration buildings were added to the site. To make room for the new buildings, the wards and... Read More